Shibaozhai Pagoda – Twelve Stories Pagoda along Yangtze River in China



Taken at Shibaozhai Pagoda in Shibaozhi Town.


The town of Shibaozhai is a hill along a bank of the Yangtze River. The town is well known for their 12 stories pagoda that built on the cliff. The bright red colour is very noticeable from the river side. People were climbing to the top of the hill to pray, but it a lot of people lost their lives because it was extremely dangerous. In the year 1819, the nine-story pavilion was constructed adjacent to the cliff to aid people in getting to the top of the hill. In 1956, three more stories were added at the top of the structure. The whole structure leans onto the cliff, which it makes very stable. And every floor of the wooden structure contains interesting artifacts. Each of the 12 floors of Shibaozhai is dedicated to a famous general of the Three Kingdoms period (220-265AD), a local scholar. This is one of the attractions when I was cruising Yangtze River.


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