Vietnamese Bus Conductor Enjoying the Scenery and Smoking Cigarrett



Taken on the bus from Hue to Da Nang, Vietnam. On my way back from the crazy border run.

Vietnamese bus is usually run by two people: driver and a conductor. There’s no ticket. The conductor collects the money, and try to recruiting more passengers along the way. This bus I took the bus from Hue to Da Nang after my border run (You should read this story, by the way.) was one of the most packed bus I’ve ever taken. It was packed like sardines, seriously. There would be easily 40 people on the the small minibus. I couldn’t even stand up to count. Because I was sitting next to the window, I had a chance to enjoy the scenery regardless how many people were in the bus. The bus conductor was smoking outside of the bus, enjoying the scenery. It looked rather peaceful. The scenery around Vietnam is certainly beautiful.



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  1. Stephen says:

    cool shot! Different perspective.

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